“Sayna Safir Co., PJS.” is a well-established supplier and exporter of numerous agricultural and food processing products in Iran. The broad variety enables customers to buy their whole requirements under one roof.
The business under the name of Sayna Safir was started in 2006 and we are continuously developing and improving processes geared towards the delivery of consistent, high quality products to our Valuable Esteemed Customers.
Sayna Safir is ready to offer both conventional and organic products based on the requests. It is considerable that we have a long presence in Korean market from 2000 till now both in fresh pomegranate and pomegranate juice concentrate.
In KFDA we are the only company who is registered to have permission to export pomegranate juice concentrate for “Health Functional usage” to South Korea.
The Management of the Company believes in Deep Friendly-Business with the customers as the main manner of SAYNA SAFIR.

Our Benefit is Your Success.

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
    Having high access to different farms all over Iran, enables Sayna Safir to supply your orders of fresh and vegetables with premium quality, competitive prices and at the soonest possible time Sayna Safir Produces and Supplies:
     Producing Pomegranate is our profession
     Melon
    o Eivanaki
    o Mashhadi
     Stone Fruits
    o Cherry
    o Apricot
    o Plum
    o Peach
    o Nectarine
     Grape
     Watermelon
     Apple (Golden Delicious, Red Delicious)
     Kiwifruit
     Cucumber
     Tomato
     Potato
     Fresh Vegetables like Mint, Tarragon, etc.
     Other products available on Your Order
  • Fruit Juice Concentrates
    Sayna Safir is your right choice for Fruit Juice Concentrates
     Pomegranate Juice Concentrate
     Apple Juice Concentrate
     White grape Juice Concentrate
     Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate
     Other products available on Your Order
     NFC Juices
    * Al above products can be supplied as NFC by confirmed order
  • Dried Fruits and vegetables
     Raisins (Sultana, Sundried, Golden)
     Dried White Mulberry
     Different Varieties of Dates
     Dried Figs
     Dried Barberry
     Dried Tarragon
  • Herbal Derivatives
     Rose Essential Oil
     Rose Water
     Galbanum
     Pomegranate Seed Oil
     Henna
     Saffron
  • Organic Products
     Barberry Fresh and Dried
     Rose water
     Dried Mulberry
     Saffron
     Pomegranate Fresh Fruit
     Pomegranate Juice Concentrate