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Herbal Treasure of IRAN!

Saffron or Za’faran, as it is named in Persian language, is a highly prized spice originated from Iran
which is consisting of three stigmas together with style that they dried and finally make your food color-full and tasty. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world BUT with usage of just a little bit of it (less than a teaspoon in powder form) you make your meal more colorful and more fragrant.
we provide you with the most qualified saffron that has a competitive price.
Persian saffron is recognized as the best one in the world and Iran now accounts for approximately 90 percent of the world production of saffron.

Medicinal Properties of Saffron;
 anti-tumor
 anti-cancer
 anti-depressant
 anti-convulsion
 anti-spasm
 anti-Alzheimer
 anti-Parkinson
 anti-asthma
 memory refresher
 mitigating of high blood pressure and cholesterol
 good for treatment of anemia caused by shortage of iron in girls
 risk decreasing substance for heart attack and hard-ening of arteries
 sedative especially in gingival and colic pains
 good for sleep
 good for treatment of cold and cough
 good for treatment disorders in retina caused by old-ness
 good for treatment of symptoms of retinopathy is-chemic
 good for treatment of bruise and rheumatism as an external ointment
 good for treatment of dysentery, measles, hepatitis, splenomegaly and urinary tact infection
Each of the above items can be supplied with their references