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Henna is an herb which is known for its various medicinal benefits.

  • Cooling Agent:Henna is known to be an excellent cooling agent and hence it is applied to scrapes and burns.
  • Skin Problems:The medicinal uses of henna also include it being used to treat various types of rashes such as ringworm as well as athletes foot and also acts as a sunblock.
  • Henna for Hair:One of the key benefits of henna for hair is that it acts as a natural remedy for hair loss and is also excellent for maintaining overall hair quality.
  • Henna for Nails:Henna is also known to be effective in treating cracking nails.
  • Liver disorder:Henna is considered to be a highly beneficial medicinal plant and hence the bark of the henna plant is known to be effective in the treatment of the enlargement of the liver as well as jaundice.
  • Headaches:Henna is also known to be effective against headaches that may have been caused on account of heat strokes.